The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority-Consumer Consultative Council (TCAA-CCC)



TCAA Consumer Consultative Council (TCAA CCC) has promised to start using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enhance its services for air travel users.

Speaking during a press conference towardsthe 2024 World Consumer Rights Day, TCAA-CCC Executive Secretary, Mr. Innocent Kyara, stated that the government is committed to improving public services through technological advancements.

He emphasized that TCAA CCC, as a public institution, plans to utilize AI to provide awareness and disseminate information to air travel users and the public. The technology aims to offer users essential travel information through a 'Chat box,' providing quick and convenient feedback.

This year's celebration will feature a debate among stakeholders from various sectors, discussing the impact of AI on controlled and uncontrolled services in the country. Mr. Kyara urged stakeholders and the public to participate in discussions on the benefits of AI and how to address potential negative effects.

The World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, 2024, will revolve around the theme "Fair and Responsible Artificial Intelligence to Consumers," with the Guest of Honor expected to be the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Hon. Albert Chalamila