The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority-Consumer Consultative Council (TCAA-CCC)



Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Hon. Albert Chalamila has advocated for further education for users of various services regarding the new technology of artificial intelligence (AI) so that they can use it efficiently and effectively.

Speaking during a symposium to commemorate the World Consumer Rights Day held at the Karimjee Hall in Dar es Salaam, Hon. Chalamila, who was the Guest of Honor, emphasized the need for increased understanding of AI starting from the grassroots level.

"The use of AI technology is growing rapidly. If used effectively, it will bring about significant revolutions in the provision of services from airports, banks, public offices, and other areas. However, before we reach that level, more awareness is needed to ensure that its use bring benefits and efficiency to our community," said Hon. Chalamila.

The Regional Commissioner commended, "The government takes pride in the existence of Consumer Councils for various service users. I believe these debates on AI technology will engage many stakeholders to gain a better understanding."

The commemoration of World Consumer Rights Day were marked by the theme "Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers".

While leading the debate, the Executive Secretary of the TCAA-CCC, Mr. Innocent Kyara, stated that the advent of AI technology will improve service delivery for air transport users in the country.

"We intend to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance air transport services. Additionally, we will continue to provide education to ensure that we reach more stakeholders across the country," said Mr. Kyara, adding, "This step will enhance the experience of air transport service users, such as personalized passenger services, suggesting better travel routes, or providing detailed information about their travel destinations."