The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority-Consumer Consultative Council (TCAA-CCC)



In keeping up with the speed of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, stakeholders have advised on provision of consumer education on AI in various services, including air transport services. Members of the Tanzania Consumer Forum (TCF) expressed their sentiments during a one-day seminar on artificial intelligence technology towards the commemoration of World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, 2024.

"More education should be given to users of all services including those who use air transport to reduce fear when the technology becomes widely used in the country", said the Executive Secretary of the TCAA Consumer Consultative Council (TCAA-CCC), Mr. Innocent Kyara while contributing to the topic during the session.

Mr. Kyara added that: "The use of artificial intelligence technology is increasing day by day, therefore it is wise that effective policies are developed to protect the consumers from the risks that may appear in the process of accessing various services".

The training was focused on building awareness about the key issues of artificial intelligence technology, its benefits and challenges in protecting consumers of aviation, communication, energy and water utilities and land transport services.

Advocacy and Education Officer (TCAA-CCC) Ms. Debora Mligo said it is the responsibility of the TCF community to convey the message to the users of the relevant services so that they can see the advantages of this technology.

"This training has increased our understanding of AI technology. Now we have to implement it by conveying the message to the consumers so that they know the benefits and a proper way to protect themselves when applying this technology", concluded Ms. Mligo. The World Consumer Rights Day will be held on 15 March 2024 with the theme "Fair and Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Consumers".